How to Press Mold Clay into a Silicone Mold - Timelapse Video

The video above demonstrates the process of press molding clay into a silicone mold to make a clay cast, which can then be altered from the original.  This process is fairly easy to do, and can be an affordable alternative to casting.  The main disadvantages are distortion, shrinkage, and stress cracks.  Still, it can be a fast way to cast an edition of similar, yet not identical,  forms. 

Directed by yours truly.  Shot on location in Ledyard, CT

Yelizaveta Masalimova, 2016 

Variations on a form

A piece that is currently in progress and nearing completion, is shown below.  The pedestal is made of welded steel, and the figure is terra cotta with resin and acrylic.  

The sculpture above, as well as those below, are examples of my experimentation with ceramics and glazes through the use of one mold to make variations on a repeated form. 

Some process shots of several of the pieces in the left hand column.